The mission of the Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Special Interest Group (EAHB SIG) is to promote basic experimental and translational research with human participants. The EAHB SIG works toward this mission by: 

1. Sponsoring an annual Student Paper Competition: The goal of the paper competition is to encourage basic experimental and translational research by recognizing the best exemplars from the work of students. Student submissions receive journal-style reviews from established researchers in the field. Finally, the winners are recognized at the annual ABAI meeting of the EAHB SIG where students are asked to present their experiments to the audience.

2. Sponsoring an annual Distinguished Contributions Award: The goal of this award is to recognize the contributions of behavioral scientists whose work has helped to define EAHB as an interesting and viable area of study. Prior recipients have included Alan Baron, Murray Sidman, Joe Brady, Joe Spradlin, A. Charles Catania, David Schmitt, Grayson Osborne, Travis Thompson, Jack Michael, Howard Rachlin, Nate Azrin, Harry Mackay, and Deisy de Souza.

3. Sponsoring the Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Bulletin: The EAHB Bulletin (ISSN 1938-7237) is an online, ongoing journal ( dedicated to the publication of original, peer-reviewed empirical articles, notes on research in progress, technical notes, and descriptions of other activities related to human operant research. 

4. Sponsoring an annual meeting for interested parties at the annual ABAI convention: The goal of these meetings is to discuss the business of the EAHB SIG, the EAHB Bulletin, and the general state of affairs in EAHB, EAB, Behavior Analysis, and the world generally. The meeting is also used to recognize our Student Paper Competition winners and to deliberate and decide upon the next recipient of the EAHB Distinguished Contributions Award.



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