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The EAHB Bulletin (ISSN: 1938-7237) is published electronically on an ongoing basis by the Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Special Interest Group (EAHG SIG), a group organized under the auspices of the Association for Behavior Analysis, International (ABAI). The EAHB SIG is dedicated to promoting and supporting basic behavior analytic research with human participants. Articles in the Bulletin represent the views of the authors. They are not intended to represent the approved policies of the EAHB SIG or ABAI, or the opinions of the membership of the EAHB SIG or ABAI. For more information, write to: J. Adam Bennett at j.adam.bennett@wmich.edu.

The Bulletin publishes, via the world wide web, original work relevant to the experimental analysis of human behavior; manuscripts that are strictly applied in nature should be sent elsewhere. Types of manuscripts appropriate for submission include Brief Reports, Laboratory Descriptions, Technical Information, Research in Progress, and Member Activities (follow the Submit Manuscript tab for more details). Brief Reports are peer reviewed. All other types of submissions are subject to editorial review and are evaluated primarily for clarity and appropriateness by the Bulletin’s Editor. In all cases, acceptance of submitted material is at the discretion of the Editor.

It is the Bulletin’s policy that peer-reviewed Brief Reports published on the Bulletin website are final publications. Therefore, the author(s) should not submit the data in Brief Reports to other journals. In contrast, summaries of ongoing research that do not include explicit data presentations, and are posted on the Bulletin website as Research in Progress, are more likely to be considered “unpublished” by other journals and thus more likely to be accepted for review by other journals. If Research-In-Progress material is ultimately submitted elsewhere, authors are encouraged to note in the acknowledgment sections of those submissions that their data, or portions thereof, were briefly described in the Bulletin.


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Vol 31 (2018)

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If you're interested in submitting manuscripts to the EAHB Bulletin, please email J. Adam Bennett at j.adam.bennett@wmich.edu